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There was once a time where family and friends gathered around a radio to build a visual world in their minds using the power of audio to fuel their imaginations.  People have always loved a great story.  From the time of those that gathered around a fire to hear a tale from an animated story-teller to the modern adaptation of watching a gripping drama on a streaming video service, hearing a good story is a way to escape into a world where anything is possible.  With cinematic music scores, high definition sound effects, and award-worthy voice acting, Storymore will provide a new way to experience great 'story' while going about your day.  Stories of love, adventure, mystery and more are all available to you with just a tap on your favorite device.

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With amazing events being planned each and every day, sometimes quality marketing can't always be invested in, as event planning can take up a lot of time, energy and resources.  Finally, Top 10 Flyers provides a great opportunity to get a quality flyer edited by experienced graphic designers for ONLY $10.  With an ever-expanding catalog of designs from Top 10 designers as well as some of the world's most creative minds, your event will get the best design to match its excitement.


Megaleio Games

MOBILE Gaming has industry titans that are making great games that are hidden behind marketing tactics like video ads and banner advertisements or ruined by revenue generators such as requiring purchases to fund content, digital currency for the game or to supply upgrades.  We believe that a great game can shine in the spotlight and innovative thinking can provide revenue through other means within the gamer experience.  That means the user can enjoy the actual game with the hassle of extras, interruptions and the like that detract from the experience.  We believe in creating great experiences within our games that increase the reply value of our offerings.  Experiences where marketing is interweaved and not a distraction.  Opportunities to invest in a gaming experience without being hassled.  Most important, games that have been designed for intuitive engagement to make the experience easy and fun to play.   We want players to experience the LOVE OF THE GAME AGAIN. 

C O M I N G   S O O N


Megaleio Media Branding Services


Our approach to life is creative.  We understand the structure of presenting not just a good film, but a good story.  We seek to produce entertaining content that will drive conversations, warm the heart, encourage an objective thought process and more.  We believe a 'good' film, can change your life.


We are mobile app developers with a passion for innovating solutions.  Sometimes the problem is that mobile gaming is too ad-conscious and a fun experience is lost while other times it is that multiple apps are needed to accomplish a single task.  We seek to make the world better by providing satisfaction in products that meet their needs

Graphic Design Services


Life is driven by good audio or sound.  Many can't imagine a film or band concert without it.  While the world is filled with visual beauty, we appreciate the quality that sound can add to an experience.  With this appreciation, we have focused a line of business on vocal and music based audio production that is truly bringing life to experiences through quality audio.


A company identity starts with a conversation.  Let's touch base and discuss how big you would like to grow, and how far you'd like to go.

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